Introduction to Human Anatomy - Basics Concepts & Terminology (IHA-001)
Introduction to Human Anatomy - Basics Concepts & Terminology (IHA-001)
In this course you will learn the basic principles of human anatomy and essential terminologies. If you have never learned anatomy before, it is important that you start this course in order to become familiar with the basic concepts, because...
Massage History & Theory (MT100)
Massage History & Theory (MT100)
Principles of Treatment (MT200)
Principles of Treatment (MT200)
Assessment & Hypothesis (MT250)
Assessment & Hypothesis (MT250)
Ethics (MT300)
Ethics (MT300)
Business Legal Enviroment (MT350)
Business Legal Enviroment (MT350)
Human Anatomy (MT400)
Human Anatomy (MT400)
Physiology (MT450)
Physiology (MT450)
Kinesiology (MT500)
Kinesiology (MT500)
Complementary Therapies (MT550)
Complementary Therapies (MT550)